LUDLOW Museum at the Buttercross has a display about the Mortimer family and their history in the Ludlow area.

The display is centred around two interesting Mortimer-related artefacts found in and around Wigmore, the home of the Mortimers from about 1075 to 1425.

The display now also includes a medieval floor tile showing the Mortimer arms. This new presentation is the result of a collaboration between the Mortimer History Society, Shropshire Museums Collection Service and Ludlow Town Council and the two main items are on loan from a local resident.

“The oldest artefact dates from the late 12th century,” said Hugh Wood, chair of the Mortimer History Society.

“It is the lead seal that was attached to a document sent to the abbey from the pope.

“These seals, or bullae, retained the same basic design for centuries, with one side showing the heads of St Paul and St Peter, and the other side stating the name of the pope. In medieval times, knights decorated the harnesses of their horses with small metal ornaments, and they are known to have jingled as they trotted.

"Inevitably these sometimes fell off, and one has been found in Wigmore. It was common for these horse trappings to display the knight’s own coat of arms, and there is one in the display that shows the arms of the Mortimers.

"The most famous of the Mortimers was Roger Mortimer, 1st earl of March, who effectively ruled England for four years, with queen Isabella, after forcing the abdication of king Edward II. Roger later built a new chapel at Ludlow castle.”

Over the Easter holidays, it will have some activities for children available and we will also have a new display of bugs and butterflies to allow children to write a story about these creatures coming back to life and having an adventure.

This is part of the Art Fund Wild Escape project which is taking place nationally until the summer.

“We are thrilled we were able to accommodate these changes to the display and we are excited about upcoming attractions at the Museum,“ said Glenn Ginger, Mayor of Ludlow.

The Museum is open 10am-4pm Friday to Sunday every week, plus Bank Holiday Mondays; adult entry is currently £1.10 per adult, and child entry is free as it is subsidised by the Friends of Ludlow Museum.