A LUDLOW councillor says that it does not seem as if Shropshire Council is likely to changes plans for the location of electric vehicle charging points in the town despite, objections from residents.

Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, says that he is not against electric vehicle charging points but they are too clustered and some of them are in the wrong place.

“There have been several representations about the proposals for EV charging from residents,” said Mr Boddington in a blog post.

“There are common themes. Residents don’t need EV charging points nearby as they do not have EV vehicles. Clearly, that is an argument with a short shelf life. There is also an implication that parking spaces outside are for their households which is not the case.

“However, there is justified concern that the EV charging points are too clustered. I think eight charging points together on Broad Street is too many given the need for residential and visitor parking. These should be split up with a maximum of four at the proposed location.

“The four charging points on Corve Street have met with strong objections. I think two EV bays would be appropriate.

“That leaves us with six EV charging points to locate. At this stage in the rollout, the best location would be on Coronation Avenue which is rarely full to capacity.

“There are no objections to the charging points in Galdeford car park.”

Mr Boddington says that he has been in contact with Richard Marshall, Shropshire Council cabinet member for highways but Mr Boddington says he does not appear to want to take notice of local issues.

In correspondence Mr Marshall writes: “I strongly believe that all residents deserve the right to not only own EV’s but are able to charge them close to where they reside. This should not be a luxury afforded to only those that are fortunate enough to have off street parking.”