WORK needs to be done to improve roads in Clun.

Shropshire Council has still not fully addressed the dreadful state of roads in Clun despite attempts by the local County Councillor and the Town Council to get repairs done, according to Nigel Hartin, who represents the town on Shropshire Council.

“Clun is a pretty major settlement for our part of Shropshire at the junction of the road network for this part of the county yet the Council has been slow to have work done on some pretty dreadful stretches of roads and pavements,” said Mr Hartin.

The areas that need attention include a large stretch of the High Street, especially around the junction with Bridge Street, sections of Bridge Street, Kington Road, both the road surface and pavements and pavements in Kington Road.

In addition, some of the gullies in town are blocked and there is a large accumulation of rubbish under the bridge.” Mr Hartin said.

“I have asked the Head of Highways to organise some further temporary pothole repairs in the town in the short term.

“We have been promised that a full carriageway resurfacing is in the budget, timed to take place after the extensive drainage works due to take place in the town later in the year.”

“Both the Town Council and myself will be pressing Shropshire to make good on these promises. We have now some of the worst roads in Shropshire and have suffered enough.”

Shropshire Council has been undertaking a programme of work to repair roads using a Multihog machine.

There is a plan of road repairs and the Council has claimed that it is making progress in repairing roads across the county.

Roads are more vulnerable to damage during the winter because of frost and water that can freeze, getting into cracks in the road surface.

Poor roads can damage cars and vehicles with particular harm to suspension and tyres. Damaged roads can also contribute to accidents.

Pot holes can also be a hazard to cyclists.