TRAIN cancellations and delays are all too common and so it seems is promised work on stations.

This is the case in Ludlow, where three years after a promise to install a lift on the town side of the station, nothing has happened.

The lack of a lift is a problem for people with mobility issues and also for mum’s and dad’s with buggies.

Getting from one side of the station to the other is a significant problem.

People who want to travel south in the direction of Hereford and live in the East Hamlett side of the town are okay for the outward journey but have a problem coming back because of the steep steps and ramp.

The same is true for those rail passengers from the town side of the station that want to travel south but have trouble with mobility.

For some this can mean a journey south requires taking a train to Craven Arms and then coming back and passing through Ludlow. Whilst some people travelling south to Ludlow find it easier to continue to Leominster and then come back north.

Three years ago after work by Philip Dunne MP and Vivienne Parry, a member of Ludlow Town Council and Shropshire councillor for Ludlow South, the town was identified as one of the stations with a priority for a lift.

This was shortly before the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and nothing has happened since.

Mrs Parry, who also heads Ludlow’s ‘Access group’ that campaigns on behalf of people with mobility issues says that getting the lift will be a priority for this year.

“People are being encouraged to leave the car at home and take the train but it is not easy for people in Ludlow with disabilities,” Mrs Parry added.

Ludlow is on a busy rail route that runs to Shrewsbury in the north and Hereford in the south with links to south Wales and Birmingham.