THE Ludlow ‘Twenty is plenty’ group has been campaigning for many years for a lower speed limit on roads in the town.

Whilst a 20mph limit applies around some schools, the group wants to see it an all roads inside the town.

They say that there is evidence that a collision with a pedestrian at 20mph is much less likely to cause death or serious injury than if the vehicle is going 30mph.

Supporters of a 20mph speed limit in built up areas say that it makes for a more pleasant environment and does not make any significant difference to local journey times.

Whilst a 20mph limit has been introduced in other parts of the country it has not been adopted by Shropshire Council.

A recent attempt to get the Council to support 20mph speed limits in towns in the county also failed.

There was a council debate on vision zero, a commitment to zero road deaths.

“An amendment sought to introduce 20mph on residential streets. Both the motion and amendment were rejected by the Conservatives on flimsy grounds,” said Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, Andy Boddington.

“They are resisting a universal 20mph speed limit on residential streets, thinking that 20mph limits outside schools is enough, it’s not.

“And the schools scheme has been delayed from completion in 2025 and will now take ‘several years’ from April 2022.”