LUDLOW is to get additional electric vehicle charging points.

Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, has revealed how the town will benefit from almost £1 million that has been allocated to the county.

Shropshire Council has been awarded £902,940 to install more on-street electric vehicle charging points across the county. The grant award is from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, with support of the Energy Saving Trust.

The council is working with the charge point operator Connected Kerb to bring the number of EV charge points in Shropshire to 320, at 45 locations in the county.

The two on-street zones for this phase of the rollout of on-street EV will be on Corve Street, by St Leonard’s churchyard, and on Broad Street, just above the crossroads, Bell Lane and Brand Lane.

An additional eight charging bays will be installed on the top deck of the Galdeford car park.

“This is a major advance for Ludlow as we continue the transition to transport based on electric vehicles,” said Mr Boddington.

“For that we need EV charging points on-street as well as in car parks.

“I am sure there will be concerns about the eight EV charging points on Broad Street, as these reallocate general use parking space for dedicated use. However, the installation of EV charging points on Broad Street is supported by Ludlow Town Council. I think there will be less opposition to the four EV charging points on Corve Street or the eight in Galdeford car park.

“There is no consultation on these schemes. I suggest that anyone with concerns or who wishes to support the schemes email the portfolio for highways:

“Or contact the town council: I will of course collate comments I receive and forward then to Shropshire Council.”

Supporters of electric vehicles say that a key factor in getting more people to move from petrol and diesel is a lack of charging points, especially in rural areas.

The limited range of electric vehicles is another factor, particularly in more isolated areas, where the distances people have to travel are greater.