LUDLOW has a new bus shelter to keep people out of the rain and cold whilst they wait.

Following a public consultation in collaboration with Ludlow Sustainable Transport Group in 2020, Ludlow Town Council agreed to install one bus shelter per year at locations chosen by bus users.

Now the fourth bus shelter as part of this initiative has been installed on Sandpits Road.

“We are pleased to be able to install shelters at the most popular or exposed stops on our bus routes so that as many residents as possible are able to benefit from the service,” said Glenn Ginger, Mayor of Ludlow.

“The design we have chosen to use works well with the various locations of Ludlow.”

“In previous years bus shelters have been installed on Corve Street, Sheet Road and Upper Galdeford. They are well used and appear to be appreciated by users of the bus services provided by Shropshire Council.”

Ludlow has a high proportion of elderly people and many of these use bus services that are important in reducing emissions.

Whilst there is a compact town centre, Ludlow has many hills and can be a challenge for people who have mobility issues.

The shelters have been designed so that they fit in with their surroundings which is regarded as important in a historic town noted for its medieval buildings and charm.