AN inquest will resume today into the death of a Kidderminster man who shot a crossbow bolt into his head.

Crescenzo Maffei, 48, a self-employed gardener, had a history of depression and was discovered by his wife, Jean Maffei, who immediately called an ambulance following the incident, the coroner's inquest heard yesterday.

Mr Maffei had left behind a note and had also overdosed on medication. Mrs Maffei said he was "shaking" and was wrapped up in a blanket in their bedroom when she found him.

He was then treated in three different hospitals, having first discharged himself from Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham. He returned home but when his condition deteriorated he was sent to Worcestershire Royal Hospital, where he was examined and then discharged.

Finally, he was returned to Worcestershire Royal Hospital before being urgently taken to the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire, where he later died.

Mrs Maffei explained that she could not recall her husband being examined by any medical staff at Worcestershire Royal Hospital when he was first admitted.

She added that she saw a wound the size "of a penny piece" inside her husband's mouth, which was not at first identified by medical staff.

Mrs Maffei said her husband complained of feelings of intense pain and "pressure" in his head and became increasingly confused.

She said: "He was slowly getting worse. It was like visiting someone with dementia. He wasn't my husband any more."

She said his nose had started to drip a clear fluid, later identified as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) coming from a fracture in his skull.

Dr Ronan Dardis, a specialist in neurosurgery at University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire, said that Mr Maffei's prognosis had been "fairly good" and that more than the penetration of his skull accounted for his death.

He explained that, in his opinion, Mr Maffei was in an acute psychotic state and this had led to his bizarre behaviour.

He admitted he had no expertise in that field but said he was familiar with the symptoms of psychosis from other patients.

He added that Mr Maffei's death from multi-organ failure was probably the result of a C. Difficile infection.

He said that was separate from the CFS and the C. Difficile may have flourished as the result of the necessary use of antibiotics.

Assistant deputy coroner, Huw Medlicott, will record a verdict on the cause of death today at the Court House in Bewdley Road, Stourport.