THREE councillors have pledged that they will not give up on making a junction on the south Shropshire border and north Herefordshire border safer.

Vivienne Parrty, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow South, John Stone, a member of Herefordshire Council and Viv Parry, John Stone Sebastian Bowen from the local Parrish Council say that they will not stand by and watch as nothing is done about the junction of the A49 and A456 near the Salwey Arms at Wooferton.

There have been numerous accidents over the years at the junction including fatalities and the councillors and locals say that it has only been luck that more people have not died and been seriously injured.

But Highways Chiefs have investigates options including traffic lights and islands.

They say that it would be necessary to purchase land and that the cost of a scheme would be £12 million that males it impossible to justify.