LUDLOW'S Summer Repair Café is happening on between 9.30 am and 12 mid-day on Saturday at the Elim Church at the back of Smithfield Car Park in Lower Galdeford.

As usual, this is a ‘drop-off’ event with owners booking in their items and returning to collect them between 11.30am and 12.15 pm.

Due to holiday commitments, there will be no repairers -one available on the day to accept clocks or radios/stereo/sound equipment on the day. However, these items can be booked in for the ‘at home’ repair service for when the repairers are back and working again.

Otherwise, the team on the day will be happy, as always, to try and fix almost anything which turns up at the Elim Church: electrical items, household and garden implements, small furniture items, toys, jewelry, anything which needs sewing and, indeed sewing machines, ceramics and china.