AS inflation rockets towards double figures, Ludlow MP Philip Dunne has welcomed pay increases announced for public sector workers.

The Government has announced what it claims is the largest uplift in public sector pay for nearly two decades.

NHS workers, teachers and police all stand to receive significant pay increases.

The Independent Pay Review Bodies, which advise the Government on public sector pay, have made three pay recommendations which have been universally accepted this week by the Conservative Government.

Over one million NHS staff are set to receive a pay rise of up to 9.3 per cent, equating to £1,400 per person. All teachers across the country will benefit from a 5 per cent pay increase, with uplifts on starting salaries of 8.9 per cent, bringing them closer to the Government manifesto target of £30,000 salaries for new teachers.

All police ranks will receive a pay lift of £1,900, the equivalent of an 8.8 per cent increase for the lowest paid within the force.

“The Government have recognised the hard work and dedication of our NHS workers, police and teachers up and down the country who were instrumental in ensuring that we made it through the huge challenges posed by the pandemic,” said Mr Dunne.

“It is only right, in the face of global inflationary pressures and an increase to the cost of living, that our core public sector workers receive fair pay rises for the vital work that they do.

“These are the largest pay rises in nearly 20 years in the public sector, reflecting the current cost of living pressures. It is important not to bake in inflationary pressure into our economy, so the Government is having to balance competing demands posed by the impact of the cost of living crisis arising from escalating energy costs."