A LUDLOW town councillor who broke her leg earlier this year says that the town is a nightmare for people with disabilities and she is demanding action in the county.

Vivienne Parry, who is also Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow South, suffered a series break when she fell downstairs at home and had to spend weeks in hospital in Hereford, Leominster and finally in Ludlow.

"Last January I broke my leg in two places,” said Mrs Parry in an open letter to the leader and chief executive of Shropshire Council.

“It was a complicated fracture and it has taken many months for it to heal.

"I have campaigned in Ludlow for better access for the disabled and those with mobility problems for many years. However, it was the hard reality of trying to get around Ludlow in a wheelchair that brought home just how challenging matters are in our town

"The footpaths and roads in the town centre are just awful, there is no other word for them. Footpaths are uneven, pavements cracked and paving stones uneven.

"I found after the experience of being in town for the Jubilee something of a nightmare and working on our town’s flower displays was difficult in the extreme."

The councillor who is recovering but still not completely mobile wants a countywide policy to make towns safe for people with mobility problems.

"Surely, we should have a policy as a council for the disabled in our towns,” Mrs Parry added.

"A basic standard of maintenance which doesn’t turn a trip into town into an exhausting challenge.

"It's not just the disabled it impacts on either. In my work as a Councillor, I regularly come across residents and visitors that have been injured by our town's multiple trip hazards.

"Surely Ludlow and indeed Shropshire deserves better than this.

"As Council taxpayers we deserve, decent, safe pavements in our town centres."