LUDLOW MP and former defence minister Philip Dunne has issued a grim warning about the war in the Ukraine.

Writing his column in this newspaper, Mr Dunne, who has served as Minister for Defence Procurement, wants people to be prepared for a long struggle and a conflict that is unlikely to end anytime soon.

Mr Dunne fears that the end of the Cold War could be at an end and a big freeze may be on the way. He also says that people should be on their guard against further escalation.

Whilst he praises the fight that has been put up by the Ukraine Mr Dunne says that the outcome is far from certain.

“Last Monday’s missile attack on a shopping centre in Kremenchuk, Ukraine has shown the lengths that Putin will go to as he pursues his devastating illegal invasion,” said Mr Dunne.

“Western leaders are right to condemn this clear act of terror and recommit our unwavering support for President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people.

“Last week saw leaders at the G7 and NATO demonstrate a united front in condemning Russia for its atrocities. The UK has reconfirmed our commitment to national defence spending and is leading the way in providing military support to Ukraine.

“Over £1.3 billion in military support has been sent to Ukraine by the UK to date, including tank-busting infantry weapons, high-velocity Starstreak anti-air missiles and javelin missiles. Without this support, the initial Russian assault from the north may not have been defeated.

“Degradation of Russian military forces has been greater and swifter than expected. But this does not mean conflict is over or a foregone conclusion. Indeed I attended a briefing from the Chief of the Defence Staff last week, who described this conflict as the end of the post-Cold War era, with reverberations which could last for decades.”

Mr Dunne says that people need to be prepared for the consequences that result from the war, including improving defence capability and being ready to face further conflict.

“We need to prepare ourselves for the consequences of a war in Europe, where the outcome is uncertain and may endure for some time.”