IT has been a long time but the bed push for Ludlow Hospital was back.

The annual fun day has raised thousands of pounds for the community hospital in the town.

It has not been possible in the past two years because of Covid-19 and before the pandemic ran into controversy.

Whilst some people regarded it all as a bit of fun, there were people who regarded it as sexist and demeaning because of the fact that some men dressed as ‘carry on’ style caricature of nurses.

When the NHS decided not to accept money raised it was spent on local first responder services.

But the bed push is back and whilst the tone may be slightly different the objective of getting locals and visitors to part with their money has not changed.

The Hospital League of Friends has regrouped since the death of long time leader Peter Corfield, who died earlier in the year and now under the leadership of Michael Evans, remains committed to the future and improving the hospital.

Ludlow Hospital League of Friends has raised and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on facilities at the hospital including making it possible to open a kidney dialysis unit.

The League of Friends want to see Ludlow Community Hospital at the heart of local medical services.

They believe that it can, not only take pressure off acute hospitals like those in Shrewsbury and Telford, but also play a part in helping to provide additional space for GP practices in the town.

One thought is that something similar to the hospital and health village idea is needed.