THE rules have changed with regards to face masks in healthcare settings in GP surgeries and hospitals.

All clinical staff are still required to wear face masks when seeing patients but it is no longer mandatory for patients to wear a facemask when attending a GP surgery.

But Station Drive surgery in Ludlow is one of the practices that encourages patients to continue to wear a mask.

This is in order to protect patients who are vulnerable, such as those that are immunocompromised.

None clinical staff at Station Drive Surgery have also decided to continue to wear masks.

Whilst Covid-19 has disappeared from the headlines the virus is still about and people are still being advised to be careful, especially if they are vulnerable.

There has been a rise in infections in some parts of the country but with free tests now withdrawn the level is uncertain.

The virus is much less transmittable in the summer but that will change with the arrival of autumn and winter when more people may be offered a booster vaccination.