A COUPLE'S desperate search for their missing pet has ended in heartache.

Richard and Evie Wall had been looking for beloved dog Bessie since Friday (June 3) after she went missing from their camping trip.

More than 72 hours of searching, which included the use of  drones and a kayak, proved fruitless.

Bessie was found dead in the swimming pool of a house near the campsite in Lulsley, east of Bromyard.


Mr Wall posted a heartbreaking update on Facebook, where appeals for Bessie’s whereabouts had been shared hundreds of times.

“Please stop sharing and messaging,” he said.

“She has been found in a swimming pool. We are still struggling to deal with the news.”

Ludlow Advertiser: Bessie's owners are heartbrokenBessie's owners are heartbroken

Mrs Wall said: “It was a tragic accident. We are heartbroken.

“The pool was covered over so she must have walked on it and fallen in.

"The family were away for the weekend so it could’ve happened almost straight away.

“We searched all over but I always had a feeling she hadn’t gone far.”

Villagers and campers searched for missing pet

Bessie, a South African mastiff cross, was a rescue dog adopted by Mr and Mrs Wall four years ago.

The couple, who live in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, said they are thankful for all the help people have given them in looking for Bessie.

“I am so thankful to the lovely villagers who went out on horses, on their bikes and with their dogs to look for her,” said Mrs Wall.

“Other people camping at the site even took their dogs out looking, and I’ve had messages this morning from people in the village. They’re all upset and shocked. They are lovely people and they all feel heartbroken for us.”

Friends, family and strangers who had shared Mr and Mrs Wall’s appeal on Facebook were also saddened to read the tragic update.

One person said: “Desperately sorry for your awful loss. I’m sure everyone will be gutted to see the sad news.”

Another said: “I am so, so sorry for you all. Thoughts with you all.”