PATIENTS at a GP practice in Ludlow have an advantage over most NHS patients when it comes to one fairly common problem.

A build-up of ear wax can result in problems with hearing, as well as in some cases being uncomfortable and causing issues like itching.

In the past clearing the wax was offered by most GP practices but this is no longer the case.

However, patients at the Portcullis Surgery in Ludlow can have it done free of charge.

Portcullis Surgery says in a post that most ear wax build up will improve with olive oil treatment alone. Microsuction and ear irrigation in most other areas and practices is a private service and the NHS does not normally fund Microsuction for any patients at all.

However, the partners at Portcullis Surgery in Ludlow decided to buy the equipment and pay for nurses to be trained in this service out of practice funds and patient donations. It provides this service free of charge to all registered patients.

The practice says it will always prioritise all patients who have been referred for an audiology appointment for hearing loss.

Therefore, people who do not have an audiology appointment may have to wait some weeks for the next available microsuction or ear irrigation appointment.

The practice gives priority to patients who need ear syringing or microsuction prior to an audiology appointment or who have contraindications to ear irrigation.

It will not provide microsuction more frequently than every three months for any patient who does not have proof of an audiology appointment.

Ear syringing is not normally offered more frequently than every six months.