PLANET Earth is an ailing patient, in need of urgent care and attention say the organisers of Ludlow Green Festival.

Whilst there may not be complete agreement about what treatment should be applied, doing nothing is clearly not an option.

This year’s Ludlow Green Festival, the 23rd consecutive one, will take place in Castle Square on Sunday, July 10.

Basing its theme on the idea of C.P.R. (Climate, Planet, Recovery), it hopes to provide opportunities for visitors to the festival of all ages to explore and learn about what is being done now, and what more could be done in the future to mitigate the effects of climate change.

It is very much a family day, involving lots of interactive activities for children, such as making bug hotels and bird boxes, getting involved in art workshops, taking part in quizzes, and going on exciting bush craft walks.

Ludlow 21, the organiser promises that most of the area’s environmental groups will be present, either running stalls, leading workshops or giving talks, and there will be lots of opportunities to find out how people can, adapt their lives over the coming years, locally, nationally and globally, to rise to the challenge of climate change.

There are hopes to have an experts’ forum, run along the lines of the BBC’s Gardening Question Time, where people can pose questions to a panel of experts, before taking the plunge and buy an electric car or throw out the gas boiler in favour of an air-source heat pump system.

Visitors will have a chance to try out electric bikes.

As with all successful Green Festivals, a convivial atmosphere is assured with a great line-up of music to listen to whilst enjoying food from across the world, washed down with beer produced closer to home. Between the bands, at Speaker’s Corner, there will be opportunities for people to have a say or listen to others speaking about environmental matters about which they feel passionate. ‘

With the exception of the refreshments, just about everything at the festival is free, but for those who want to shop, there will be stalls selling sustainably produced wares will provide you with plenty of opportunities.