A DOSE of food poisoning would not be a great way to remember the Platinum Jubilee and so people in Ludlow and south Shropshire are being offered some advice on how to stay safe.

People are reminded that warm weather and outdoor cooking is the perfect condition for bacteria to grow, and risks remain when preparing and serving chilled food.

Basics include hand washing and good hygiene as well as making sure that all food is within date.

It is also important that vegetables are washed before being eaten and that food that has been prepared is kept separate from cooked food.

Keeping food cool is also important. If on a picnic and eating something that would normally be kept in a fridge then it needs to go into a cool box.

There is no need for a food hygiene training certificate to make and sell food for charity events; however, it is vital to make sure that food is handled safely.

Following Food Standards Authority guidance on the 4 Cs: cleaning, chilling, cooking and avoiding cross-contamination, will help prepare a safe feast for the community.     

Businesses selling food are required to comply with the appropriate standards. Food safety makes for a happy jubilee.