A LUDLOW group is inviting people to find out how they can use cars less in and around town.

Getting your car out to pop to the shops or drop the kids off at school?

That’s what we do, but is there another way,? according to campaigners.

On Saturday, people are invited to drop in at the Quaker Meeting House, just off Lower Corve Street, where Ludlow 21 and South Shropshire Climate Action invite people to discover how travel in and around Ludlow can change for the better.

‘If you do decide to walk, have you ever been squeezed against a shop front in King Street, as the traffic goes by, and wondered if you might be safer, healthier and more relaxed if you were not jostling for space between the shop front and the road while breathing in traffic fumes,’ ask the Action Group and Ludlow 21.

‘People and traffic in town centres should not have to mix but until we make changes our health, our safety and quality of life will continue to suffer. The citizens of Ludlow and every town in Shropshire deserve better.’

“To reach Net Zero by 2030 is possible if we reset the traffic button, as transport accounts for 37 per cent of CO2 emissions in Shropshire,” said Twenties Plenty guru David Currant.

“The car is one option in the way we choose to travel and, for the sake of our health and a fairer society, we need to consider other options alongside personal transport.

“If we can afford to run a car in the first place it’s expensive, clogs up our streets, pollutes the air, kills people daily and spoils healthy, active travel and community life in sociable neighbourhoods. There are better ways!”

There will be a chance to find out about electric bikes, lowering speed limits in towns and villages, sharing cars, and see how the proposed North West Relief Road will drain funds away from Ludlow and other towns, according to the campaigners.

This year it is expected that electric car sales will match diesels although not everyone agrees going electric is the best way.