THE Ludlow Repair Café will be meeting on Saturday as scheduled but the venue will be the Elim Church and not the Ludlow Mascall Centre as that has been commandeered as a vaccination station for that day..

Another change and also a one off is the donations of takings to a Ukraine appeal.

Items can be brought to the Repair Café between 9.30am and 11.30am and collected between 12.00 mid-day and 12.30pm.

Apart from the restriction of one portable item per owner on the day and, sadly, no TVs, the repair service will operate as usual with the volunteer team ready and willing to accept a range of electrical items, household and garden tools, clocks, IT equipment, clothing, jewellery, radios, bicycles, toys ... the list is endless as is the enthusiasm and willingness of the repairers.

There is no charge for repairs and, for this April Repair Café, all monies taken on the day will be donated to the Government’s DEC Ukraine Appeal.

For anyone unable to come along on April 30, the usual ‘at home’ repair service will carry on with volunteers accepting items at their own homes.

“Obviously, this takes more time but the philosophy of trying to fix something rather than just throwing it away remains unchanged,” said Ms Lyle.

Repair Cafes are a national movement in tune with the desire to protect the environment and also appropriate to a time when money is tight.

The idea is that many things can be got working again and so save money on buying new. It also cuts waste and the amount that is sent for landfill.

The move also encourages artisan skills in repairing broken items that can be handed on to future generations.

The Elim Church is situated at the back of the Smithfield Car Park, which is next to the Police Station.

For more information or to join the team, contact Diane Lyle 07786 620624 or email