A COUPLE from Ludlow are desperate for news of their mobile kitchen that was stolen a month ago from the business park in the town.

Marco and Colette Cesano are pinning their hopes on eye witnesses and CCTV after the caravan kitchen was taken in front of the eyes of onlookers.

Ms Cessano said that she had spoken to one eye witness who saw it being taken but thought that it had been sold and was being taken legitimately.

It is believed that a middle aged man driving a red or maroon Freelander stole the catering trailer.

Ms Cessano described the trailer that she designed and was built by her husband.

“It has a curved roof made of fibreglass sheet so the light came from the top and because I liked the idea of a curved roof and is mainly aluminium because my husband was keeping it as light and long lasting as possible,” she said.

“It has a gas hand wash. All the shelves are stainless steel. It has a double axle with very small wheels because I thought it was cute.

“The hatch is very large so it had lots of serving space.”

She believes that it is likely that the distinctive branding has been removed but hopes that it can still be recognised.

Ms Cessano added that the theft had come as a huge blow to the business as this is the time of the year when it should have been on the road attending festivals and other events.

She said that the trailer is one of a kind and estimates that it is worth about £20,000 and this does not include the items that were inside.

Unfortunately, the trailer was not insured. It did have a tow bar lock but it is believed that this was sawn off.

The couple who have a food business, say that they do not have a second trailer and so will be very badly hit by the theft with a combination of its loss and also the business that will be lost with the main season set to start.