REPAIRING Ludlow Town Walls is set to be a very expensive business.

Investigations are still being undertaken and so to exact nature of work to repair the slip adjacent to St Laurence Church is still being determined.

It is nine years since a section of the wall collapsed in February 2013 resulting is the short term evacuation of people living below the slip.

There has followed an extended period in which survey work has been started after a row between the Town Council, St Laurence Church and Shropshire Council as to who is responsible.

The Town Council has taken the lead but any work will need to be approved by Historic England because of its listed status.

This will involve conditions on how the work is done and the materials that are used.

Ludlow Town Council has said that making a start on repairs is one of the priorities for the next financial year.

In its budget, it has estimated repayments of a 25 year loan are £180,000 per year for a total estimated expenditure of £4million at a fixed 2.29 per cent interest rate.