A LUDLOW GP surgery is opening its vaccination clinic on Sunday to anyone even if they are not registered with the practice.

Portcullis Surgery has decided to open up our clinic on Sunday, January 9 from 9am to 12.30am to all walk in patients 12 years and over who need any of the following: Pfizer vaccine, a first, or second vaccine, 12 weeks from first dose, third or fourth vaccine (for immunocompromised patients who are 12 weeks from the last vaccine), boosters for all patients who are 12 weeks from their last dose.

Patients with severe allergies or who carry Epipens can also come to the clinic as a walk-in as there will be a small supply of Astrazeneca vaccine available too.

Any patient that comes as a walk in will have their vaccine status checked.

No booking is necessary.For more information about other walk in clinics visit the following website https://stwics.org.uk/.../covid-19.../walk-in-clinic-times