MASSIVE efforts by doctors, nurses, other medical professionals and volunteers has enabled more than a million Covid-19 vaccinations to be given in Shropshire during the past year.

The two GP surgeries in Ludlow at Station Drive and Portcullis have worked with vaccination centres at the Ludlow Mascall Centre, Ludlow Racecourse and in other centres across south Shropshire to play a part in the biggest health protection campaign ever.

But there remains work to be done.

The vaccinations began in care homes at the beginning of the year before being rolled out to all adults according to priority. The vaccination of children has also started.

However, not everyone has taken up the chance to get the protection of a vaccination.

Just before Christmas 88 per cent of adults over the age of 18 had received two vaccinations leaving more than 10 per cent that had not. There has been a particular effort to get more younger people to get protected.

Just over 70 per cent of people had received a booster and 57 per cent of young people aged between 12 and 15 years had received at least one dose.

The vaccination drive has been given a new importance following the discovery in November of the Omicron variant that is more easily transmitted.

Rachel Robinson, Shropshire’s Director of Public Health says this changed the picture.

“The discovery of Omicron on 24 November, however, brought further uncertainty,” she said.

“While scientists are still investigating the potential severity of Omicron, we do know it is far more transmissible than Delta.

“In response we have further stepped up the vaccinations programme. Everyone aged 18 and over is now eligible for the booster.

“This will give residents even better protection against Omicron.”

There’s a walk-in clinic at Station Drive Surgery on Wednesday, December 29 - 17:00-20:00, for patients registered in the South Shropshire Primary Care Network.

If you cannot attend there is a local clinic to book into on Saturday, January 8 at Ludlow Hospital and patients can book an appointment by following the link in your text message.

People can also book via the National Booking Service

Find further walk-in clinics at