THE ‘How are you doing Worcestershire?’ conversation has launched and aims to encourage people in the county to start to talk about how they are feeling.

It is an opportunity for residents to share their stories of how the pandemic has personally affected them, what they have done to cope and how they are feeling now.

“It’s been tough for us all for a while now, so we are keen to find out how our residents are getting on,” said Dr Kathryn Cobain, Director of Public Health in Worcestershire.

“Not everyone is comfortable with the easing of restrictions and the return to ‘the new normal’ so we really do want to hear from you, to understand how you are doing, and what being well means to you.

“By fully understanding how people in the county are feeling we will be able to work with residents to signpost to suitable help and the services you need to enable you to feel well and enjoy life to the full!”

The campaign invites everyone to be a part of the discussion and join a new Facebook group, a place to share ideas, chat and get support. This platform will also provide an array of advice, hints and tips for how you can feel better.