A NEW report has been released giving a health check on the condition of rivers in Ludlow and south Shropshire as well as in other parts of the country.

Ludlow MP, Philip Dunne, has welcomed publication of a new report into the State of Our Rivers from the Rivers Trust, to give the public more information about the health of local rivers.

The State of Our Rivers Report includes a comprehensive collection of data, previously only used by water scientists and government departments, which has been transformed into a suite of interactive maps, bespoke infographics, and an animation, visualising the reality of river health for the whole of England. This means the public will have easy access to information about the health of local rivers in their area.

Mr Dunne has been a vocal advocate for cleaning up Britain’s rivers, and the key principles behind his Private Members Bill to eliminate sewage pollution in rivers and waterways have been adopted by the Government in the Environment Bill.

The Environmental Audit Committee, chaired by Mr Dunne, is conducting an inquiry into Water Quality, and is taking evidence from water company chief executives next month.

“I know that providing consistent, clear and approachable data on the health of our rivers has previously proved difficult to access,” said Mr Dunne.

But if we are to finally make strides in cleaning up our rivers, it is important the public and policymakers have a clear picture of how sewage and pollution are affecting waterways across Britain.

“That is why my Private Members Bill included provisions to ensure water companies collect and publish data about water quality, which is now being included in the Environment Bill to deliver dynamic real-time reporting, so river users can tell status of the river at the time.

“I commend the Rivers Trust for their work in putting together the State of Our Rivers Report .”