THERE are four hopefuls bidding to replace Tony Penn as a representative for Tenbury on Malvern Hills District Council.

The Conservative party is putting its faith in Liam Thompson to take the place of Mr Penn, the long standing councillor who is stepping down at the age of 87.

Jed Marson will be standing for the Liberal Democrats.

Jonathan Pryce Morgan is the Labour hopeful.

The fourth candidate is an Independent, Lesley Bruton, the current Tenbury town clerk.

It is believed that if elected Ms Bruton would be allowed to continue in her role with the town council if she wished to do so.

The by-election will be held on Thursday, September 16.

Tenbury has two seats on Malvern Hills District Council with Bridget Thomas continuing to represent the ward. Like Mr Penn she was returned unopposed at the last election.

Whoever is elected they will face a number of crucial issues with the effect of large scale house building in the area a big concern.

There is widespread concern about the pressure that this will place upon services in Tenbury, including health facilities.

The coming 12 months will also need to see a start made on the flood defence scheme for the town.

Final details are still being prepared and the scheme will also need to get planning approval.

Work must start by the end of March 2022.