A STUNNING set of ‘surreal’ ‘magical’ and ‘fairytale’ images will be a feast for the eyes of photographers and art lovers as a south Shropshire gallery opens its latest exhibition.

The Photospace in Quality Square in Ludlow, hosting an exhibition titled ‘Emergence’ featuring a selection of dream-like images taken by photographer Veronika Lavey.

Hungarian-borne Veronika has felt an outsider for a large part of her life, whether on a playing field, school or workplace, she found her efforts to ‘fit in’ painful and draining.

Veronika’s steadfast friend turned out to be Art. Gaining a degree in creative writing and literature along with years of reading and analysing she developed a deep love for stories and storytelling. Veronika found photography inspired her to create character and to layer each piece with meaning which allowed her to continue her creative and now visual storytelling path.

Veronika’s images, accompanying poems and short stories shine light on emotional experiences most of us share. She hopes this work reaches out to encourage a sense of belonging for anyone who needs it. Stories can transport the viewer to worlds unknown yet familiar to the subconscious.

“I believe we all need stories because their power can help us find a narrative we are all connected to; the very ones we are naturally wired to listen to, the ones that make us feel united in our pain, our hopes, our journey of life,” said the photographer.

Veronika, from north Herefordshire is a self-portrait artist:

“I photograph myself taking on the persona of an autobiographical or a theatrical character. My aim is to inspire connections with the viewer and provide a sense of safety and belonging in hardship,” she added.

Her work can be seen at weekends from 10.30 am to 4pm and by arrangement until October 16.