TOURS of the historic Titteston Clee are starting again.

Alf Jenkins will be back telling people about the history of the area and providing some little known facts.

He will be taking to the hills with groups at the age of 85.

“Our communities, having survived Covid for nearly two years , plus having a heart attack myself; after much demand I am beginning tours of the Titterstone Clee Hills Industrial sites this week,” said Mr Jenkins.

“I am taking Neen Savage WI on an evening tour on Wednesday 14th and Ludlow Masonic Lodge for an all day tour on Saturday, July 17.

“The Saturday tour will begin at 10.00am at the Clee Hill Village Victoria Car Park.

“I had 23 tours cancelled last year due to Covid.”

Mr Jenkins was born at Dhu Stone Inn, on Clee Hill in 1936.

He was educated at Clee Hill Primary School before going to Ludlow School and then on to Ludlow Grammar School.

Mr Jenkins has links with Worcester University; Loughborough University and Aberystwyth University.

He has been a teacher and head teacher and received the MBE for research of the Industrial and Social History of Titterstone Clee Hills and services to Education.

His book: 'Titterstone Clee Hills, Industrial History, Everyday Life and Dialect,' has had five re-prints and gone all over the world and is the bestselling Local History Book at Castle Book Shop in Ludlow.

The area is rich in minerals has been quarried for dhustone or dolerite and is littered with many abandoned quarries and mine shafts.

For many the area has great beauty but they know little of the industry.

Crumbling remains of quarry buildings now litter the hill, serving as a reminder of a time when there were more than 2,000 people employed in the area.

Railway infrastructure remained until the late 1960s.

The Clee Hills remain forbidding in bad weather.