YOUNG people from across Shropshire have joined forces to encourage others to get their Covid-19 vaccine, play their part in stopping the impact of Covid-19 and help the return to ‘normal’ life.

The initiative comes weeks after Dr Catherine Beanland, a partner at the Portcullis Surgery in Ludlow, expressed concern at the reluctance of some younger people to have a vaccination.

Their rallying call, which is part of a major drive by Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Integrated Care System, comes ahead of a of walk-in clinics offering the jab to anyone 18 or over.

The walk-in clinics will be held across the county. With no appointments needed, anyone 18 or over can just drop in and get a jab, in a bid to boost the number of people who are protected against the virus.

Among those backing the initiative is 20-year-old Micayla Beaumont, who battled Covid-19 in January.

She and her two siblings caught the virus before passing it on to their mother who suffers with asthma. Now, following her first vaccine, Ms Beaumont is keen to encourage other young people to take up their chance to get their first dose to help life return to normal.

“For me, the symptoms were pretty bad, it is nothing like a normal cold, which is a common misconception among some young people who think they won’t be affected too much," she said.

I had zero energy and constantly felt tired, which was made worse by the fact that I couldn’t leave my bedroom to get fresh air.

“I lost my sense of taste, which was really weird as I was eating purely for fuel rather than any enjoyment. I’ve also had a blocked nose since January, which I’m assuming is a lasting symptom.

“After having Covid myself and seeing my family suffer too, there was never any question in my mind about getting the vaccine. In my opinion, it’s more about protecting those around me. I want to be able to see my grandparents safely and be able to meet up with friends."

Julija Sumska, 20, is about to have her first vaccine and is keen to bust myths surrounding the jab.

“I’ve not been able to travel back home to see the rest of my family since the start of the pandemic and that’s been really difficult," said Ms Sumska.

"But, my grandma has been double vaccinated and is travelling over to stay with us next week for a month," so it finally feels like we’re nearly there."