A BUSINESS in south Shropshire that says no to plastic containers and delivers milk the old fashioned way in bottle that can be used over and over again is looking to support.

An appeal has been made to help the Just Jerseys Micro Dairy and vending business based near Nash, serving the community in the area by bringing fresh Jersey Milk and Milkshakes from its Mooshake Bar daily.

The business says that it is saying no to plastic and using traditional glass bottles to help the environment and reduce the number of ‘food miles’ that milk has to travel.

It needs the community to help by pledging towards the Mobile Micro Dairy and Pasteurising trailer.

The company has sourced the Jerseys and the land to rent but is crowdfunding for the mobile unit as it has no buildings on the land.

Its is mission is to help to keep small scale sustainable farming alive.

There is a pledge that once up and running the business will be supporting Tenbury Food Bank and reaching out to the most vulnerable in community with deliveries.

At one time milkmen delivered milk to people’s homes but this has gradually been replaced by the sale of milk largely in plastic bottles and containers from outlets like supermarkets.

Dairy farmers have been struggling for many years because of the price paid for milk.

There are also environmental issues as milk is often transported large distances by road.

More information is available by visiting the website for the business Micro project www.justjerseysmicrodairy.co.uk or pledge at