TENBURY community pool trustees would like to see people put themselves forward to fill vacancies on Burford Parish Council

Currently there are no volunteers for the posts of the seven Burford Parish Councillors needed.

These are very important roles for all local residents interested in the local community especially when the current new housing planned for Burford and Tenbury are the largest of its kind for many years, say the Trustees of the recently modernised swimming pool and gym.

As Tenbury Community Pool has members from a large rural catchment area covered by three county councils, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the trustees say that it is very important that it follows future local building plans which affect the area whether at school, the dentist, the library, the doctor, or the swimming pool and leisure centre.

The trustees say that the pool and leisure centre is large enough for the current population.

A Parish councillor attends meetings every six weeks at the parish hall often with a report from the local police, local Shropshire councillor, Richard Huffer, members of the parish, Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk and Chair.

Parish councillors review planning applications for the area, determine policy and raise a precept in addition to the charge levied by Shropshire Council.

It has a say in the positioning of infrastructure like mobile phone masts and broadband cables.

There will also be possible involvement with plans for a flood defence scheme being devised for Tenbury.

The council is also responsible for the maintenance of parish buildings such as the hall.

It has a say in longer term plans such as schemes for further housing development.

There have been concerns about the consequences for Tenbury of large scale housing development planned in Burford that falls under the jurisdiction of Shropshire Council. Many people in Burford use facilities in Tenbury.