SHROPSHIRE Council’s Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery is seeking to raise £40,000 to buy a rare collection of archeologically significant Bronze Age objects so that they can be kept, conserved and displayed in the county permanently for locals and visitors to see.

The collection was found in the Shropshire Marches by an anonymous metal detector user in May 2018, alongside what could be the most significant piece of Bronze Age metalwork ever discovered in Britain, the Shropshire Sun Pendant.

The Sun Pendant will reside at the British Museum; however, it will go on display for the first time ever at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery from Saturday, September 10 until December 21.

Displaying these objects together for the first time will offer an opportunity for visitors to learn about this fascinating period.

“These objects and ongoing fieldwork at the findspot reveal important discoveries about this period,” said Fay Bailey, Shropshire Council’s manager for Shropshire Museums and Archives,