LUDLOW has been paying tribute to people of all ages for the work that they have been doing for the community.

Whilst the town had many volunteers prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of them were in the older age category.

But the need for a significant proportion of volunteers meant that a younger generation had to step up to the plate to fill a gap.

They did in numbers and one of them was Ben Willis, whose work has been recognised with one of the Ludlow Town Council Civic Awards.

His success was announced at the reduced Mayor making ceremony when Robin Pote took office.

‘Ben Willis is awarded this accolade with a heartfelt community pride for his selfless deeds that have helped so many during the pandemic,’ said the citation.

‘He has been a welcoming and steadfast presence at all the vaccination clinics at the Ludlow Mascall Centre. Ben has been a reliable presence helping unwell older people with domestic tasks.

‘He is an ambassador for the excellent work of Ludlow’s young people during the pandemic.’