LUDLOW MP Philip Dunne, who chairs the parliamentary environmental audit committee says that a report prepared by local activists points the way forward.

The report has been prepared by South Shropshire Climate Action.

“I commend South Shropshire Climate Action for their diligence in producing this report, and for continuing to raise the importance of addressing our impact on the environment and what more we can do to preserve and improve it,” said Mr Dunne.

“As the UK looks forward to hosting COP26 later this year, the timing of this report by South Shropshire Climate Action Group, could not be better.

“Just as the Government seeks to engage local communities to play a pivotal role in the UK’s ‘net-zero by 2050’ target, this Report represents one of the first constituency-wide attempts to interpret national policy into a local context.

“The comprehensive Climate Action Plan is testament to the dedication of this wide-ranging local action group to developing a plan towards achieving net-zero in south Shropshire. While the findings and recommendations will need further work to identify routes to agree and implement, they provide an invaluable starting point for policy-makers, schools, businesses and community groups to begin to scope solutions. This plan should also act as an example for other constituencies to follow.”