THERE is a chance for three people to join Ludlow Town Council.

This is because only 12 of the 15 seats on the council are filled.

There are two vacancies for Clee ward and one for Hayton ward.

In order to fill the vacancies the council is able to co-opt members and anyone interested can get more information by visiting

In order to be eligible it is necessary to be at least 18 years old and to have lived or worked within the parish or within three miles of the parish.

Only people who are British or Commonwealth citizens are eligible and candidates must not hold a politically restricted post, work for Ludlow Council or be the subject of any bankruptcy restriction orders.

The town council is responsible for a range of services including running the market and looking after the Henley Road cemetery.

It also operates the public toilets in the town and is consulted on planning applications but does not have the final say.