WARNING signs will be installed on the approach to a narrow bridge that is often used by heavy lorries coming to Ludlow.

But a Ludlow councillor says that it will not be enough.

Ludlow and Clee councillors have been calling for restrictions to prevent HGVs and diverted traffic using Squirrel Lane.

The lane is a narrow country road that runs south from the A4117 Ludlow to Kidderminster road to Sheet Village. It runs parallel to the A49 Ludlow bypass and is often used for formal and informal diversions when there are problems or roadworks on the bypass.

People living along the lane have been demanding action and Vivienne Parry, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow South, Andy Boddington, who represents Ludlow North and Richard Huffer who was re-elected for Clee, met with officials to discuss the problem that has seen heavy lorries stuck and unable to turn around.

The historic Ledwyche Bridge has been damaged and wildflowers alongside the narrow road destroyed.

Mrs Parry says that putting signs up on the approach to the bridge is not going to solve the problem.

“By the time that very heavy lorries find out that there is a narrow bridge it will be too late,” she said.

“There is simply nowhere that they can safely turn around.”

Mrs Parry said that the simple truth is that the road is just not suitable for HGV’s and that they need to be stopped from using it.

However, the route is a natural diversion when the A4117 is closed or there are queues. It is thought motorists are using it because they are guided by satellite navigation.

“The lane has become battered and bashed,” said Richard Huffer earlier in the year.

“It has only been four years since Ledwyche Bridge was damaged. The costly repairs to the Grade II listed bridge were at council tax payer’s expense. This narrow country lane is not the least bit suitable for diverted or lost vehicles.”