THE Government is undertaking a ‘call for evidence’ to help with their national decision-making and funding allocation for improving broadband to all UK premises.

In Government terms, they are focusing their request for evidence on the most difficult to reach, which are called the ‘Very Hard to Reach’ premises.

These are often in the most rural areas of the UK.

Shropshire Council believes that some of these premises will be in Shropshire. In order to support the Government with their continued business case for investment for improved broadband in the most rural areas, it believes it would be helpful for people living in these ‘Very Hard to Reach’ premises to feed back to the Government.

Shropshire Council intends to respond to the Government as well, with regard to the barriers for achieving the objective of providing improved broadband and will be making the case for the prioritisation of premises without access to superfast broadband of at least 30mbps