A LUDLOW based business has won a multi-million pound contract to put right cladding problems on buildings in part of London.

Over £4.7m in Building Safety Funds have been awarded to Blocsphere Property Management in relation to various cladding deficiencies in part of south east London.

Blocsphere Property Management, with their head office in Ludlow, are proud to have been awarded £4.7m in Building Safety Funds, to help ensure the safety of those living in a high-rise building in London.

The building, consisting of 153 leasehold properties, has been through an exhaustive process over the past year and has now been successfully awarded funding, which will be used towards the cost of remediation to the building, as a result of the various defective cladding issues.

These funds will not only help to directly reduce health and safety risks but will also ensure that leaseholders are protected from the costs of remediating unsafe cladding.

“Through no fault of their own, leaseholders have been faced with crippling costs, the potential of bankruptcy, and the extremely difficult situation of not being able to sell their apartments as a result of the cladding scandal,” said Joy Davies, legal director at Blocsphere Property Management.

“This funding will go some way to assist the leaseholders with the cost of remediation works to make their building safe.

“We are thrilled for our residents and look forward to getting works underway!”

The problem with cladding on some buildings, including high rise flats, came to public attention in the most tragic way in June 2017 with the fire at the Grenfell Tower building in north Kensington, in London that resulted in the death of 72 people.

In some cases unsuitable cladding has been used on buildings in different parts of the country resulting in major remedial work to replace cladding and make the buildings safe.