A FORMER Ludlow town councillor and unsuccessful candidate in the recent unitary council election is concerned about future funding for a youth support scheme.

Colin Sheward, a one-time deputy mayor of Ludlow, is worried that young people will miss out and wants something to be done about it.

He is that the Ludlow BEAM scheme introduced to Ludlow which gave support in fortnightly sessions to Children and Teenagers has ceased due to the end of funding.

“Now in 2018 and 19 there were a number of very public appeals to raise funding for this very important area of work which was co-worked with the Children’s Society,” said Mr Sheward.

“It was a recipient of funding from the Ludlow Mayor’s fund amongst a number of other funders

“I distinctly remember saying, as a former Mental Health Nurse and Day Care Manager, that if you start something like this with young vulnerable people, your long term financing has to be present.

“You just can’t stop a project when you’ve introduced users and carers to it. By using professional workers as this did it is bound to be an expensive area of operation.

“It seems now they have ceased it.

“I thought it wasn’t working because of Covid but it seems that the Ludlow Service is permanently ceased though it continues elsewhere in Shropshire and Telford.”