IT was an election like no other but when the final votes were counted on the Shropshire Council election little changed but one of the stand out performances was Vivienne Parry in Ludlow South.

Whilst they continue to struggle across the country the Liberal Democrats held all the seats in Ludlow and Clee.

Mrs Parry’s victory was one of the biggest in the county and was celebrated with a fish and chip supper and a glass of wine.

Andy Boddington was returned comfortably in Ludlow North as was Tracey Huffer in Ludlow East, despite an extended period of illness after going down with Covid earlier in the year despite having had a first vaccination. This limited her ability to canvas in the campaign.

Mrs Huffer has said that she believes had she not been vaccinated her illness would have been worse. She also lost her father, who died with cancer early in 2021, so her re-election gave the Ludlow health worker something to smile about.

Another reason for her to be cheerful was that husband Richard, who has also had Covid, won a much closer contest in Clee.

The Conservatives retained control of the Council although former leader Peter Nutting was defeated in the major shock of the election.

Results in south Shropshire.

Bishops Castle: Ruth Houghton, Lib Dem 1,087 (78.2 per cent), Linda Senior, Green, 105 (7.55 per cent), David Turner, Con 198 (14.24 per cent). Total votes case 1,390.

Chirbury & Worthen: Anthony Bevington, Con 206 (16.16 per cent), Heather Kidd, Lib Dem 1,069 (83.84 per cent). Total Votes cast 1,275

Church Stretton and Craven Arms (two seats): David Evans, Con 1,363, (25 per cent), Stephen Hale, Lib Dem 541, (9.92 per cent), Mark Morris, Lib Dem, 983, (18.03 per cent), Hilary Wendt, Green, 482, (8.84 per cent Mary Luff, Con, 1,175, (21.55 per cent). Total votes cast 5,453.

Clee: Richard Huffer, Lib Dem 756, (50.27 per cent), Anita Rose, Con 649, (43.15 per cent), Clifford Thomlinson, Green, 99 (6.58 per cent). Total votes cast 1,504.

Cleobury Mortimer (two seats): Gwilym Butler, Con, 1.374, (36.6 per cent), Jeremy Crowe, Green, 209 (5.57 per cent), Zoe Griffin, Lib Dem, 436 (11.61 per cent), Simon Harris, Con, 1.077, (26.82 per cent), Janet Humphreys, Green, 250, (6.93 per cent), John Rogers, Lab 327, (8.71 per cent), John Sherrington, Lib Dem, 141, (3.76 per cent). Total votes cast 3,754.

Clun: Nigel Hartin, Lib Dem, 985, (55.09 per cent), Jack Limond, Con 803 (44.91 per cent). Total votes cast 1,788.

Ludlow East: James Durnell, Con 313, (31.43 per cent), Tracey Huffer, Lib Dem, 505, 50.7 per cent), Colin Sheward, Lab, 132, (13.25 per cent), Neil Taylor, Green, 46, (4.62 per cent). Total votes cast 996.

Ludlow North: Andy Boddington, Lib Dem, 681, (50.05 per cent), Margaret Hale, Green, 104 (7.8 per cent), Graeme Perks, Independent, 196, (14.69 per cent), Ian Scott Bell, Con, 353, (26.46 per cent). Total votes cast 1,334.

Ludlow South: Josh Boughton, Con, 377 (27.38 per cent), David Lempert, Green, 99, (7.19 per cent), Vivienne Parry, Lib Dem, 901, (65.43 per cent). Total votes cast 1,377.