A NEW community transport trust in Tenbury has pledged to work alongside an existing similar organization to the benefit of the town.

John Driver heads the Teme Wheels charity that was set up earlier this year to provide community transport.

Mr Driver, is a former chairman of the Tenbury Transport Trust, before he stood down.

Now he has set up Teme Wheels alongside some other former drivers and staff from the Transport Trust.

But Mr Driver says that it is not a question of being in competition.

He said that his group has been in discussion with some members of the Transport Trust.

“This is all about providing an important service to people in the town that do not have their own transport,” said Mr Driver.

Both groups have been active for many months taking people to have their Covid-19 vaccinations.

The main vaccination centre for people living in Tenbury is based in Leominster.

A feature of the new organisation is that it is committed to bringing ‘green transport’ to the town and is currently involved in a project to try to buy an electric mini-bus.

Grant support is available but this will only match funds that are raised by the organization and with an electric powered mini-bus costing up to £40,000 this is a major challenge.

The Tenbury Transport Trust currently has a small fleet of diesel buses that it uses alongside a car service with volunteer drivers.

Both organisations have offices in the town centre.

Community bus services operate under different rules to traditional commercial bus operators.

Unlike traditional operators, community transport providers, cannot pick passengers up from stops at the roadside but must be booked in advance.

The links for donations are; https://spacehive.com/temewheels-electric-vehicle