PEOPLE living in Ludlow and south Shropshire could benefit from a pioneering community transport initiative being led from Tenbury.

TemeWheels is a new community transport group that is hoping to buy and operate an electric minibus that would cost up to £40,000.

The initial hope is to secure the money needed to buy a people carrier capable of taking seven passengers and then a minibus with 15 seats. Any vehicle will have wheelchair access.

Nothing has been decided but ‘the Advertiser’ believes a route from Great Whitley to Ludlow via Tenbury is under consideration.

Teme Wheels started early this year as a car service and has already taken more than 100 people to have a Covid-19 vaccination.

Drivers use their own vehicles and are reimbursed at 45p a mile for fuel regardless of engine size or if it is diesel or petrol. The links for donations are;