HEALTHCARE leaders across Shropshire, and Telford and Wrekin, are urging people to attend their second dose vaccination appointment when they are invited, so they can join the millions of people who are helping to protect themselves and others.

The second dose of a vaccine gives everyone the strongest possible protection against Covid-19.

“It is important people attend their second dose vaccination when they are invited to do so,” said Dr Charlotte Hart, a GP in the county.

“Recent evidence shows that some people are mistakenly thinking that they are fully protected with just one dose, but a second jab is vital.

“We know protection lasts for much longer with both doses of a vaccine. The vaccines have been through extensive testing and are safe, but one dose won’t give you full protection. People only have maximum protection if they have both parts.

“We are also asking everyone to prioritise attending their second dose appointment, because these are timed in accordance with your first dose to ensure you can receive it within 12 weeks.

“You will need to attend at the same location as your first vaccination, or the location indicated on your appointment confirmation, if this has been changed, as the vaccine supply is ordered by where you received your first dose.

“Missing your second dose appointment also means leaving a vacant appointment that could be used for someone else, or could mean the vaccine is potentially wasted.”

The same vaccine is used and people should have their second dose at the same place as their first.

Many people have now been called for a second jab.