THE message being sent to people in Ludlow and south Shropshire is that whilst there have been some successful battles against Covid-19 this year and in particular the successful early roll out of the vaccination programme, the war is far from won.

Dr Catherine Beanland, a partner at the Portcullis surgery in the town, held a zoom meeting yesterday to make people aware of the issue regarding the Astra Zeneca vaccine and rare blood clots.

Her message was that the clots are extremely rare and any risks pale into insignificance compared with those for people who do not get the jab. Whilst vaccine take up has been high there is concern that there might be more reluctance on the part of young people.

Ludlow MP and former health minister Philip Dunne has also urged people to make sure that they get a second vaccination when it is due.

Mr Dunne, who has a health condition that makes him vulnerable, received his second dose of the vaccine at Ludlow Community Hospital, while joining local volunteers to help steward the GP run vaccination clinic. Taking both doses of the vaccine ensures the best protection against Covid-19 infection.

The vaccine deployment effort has vaccinated over half of all adults across the UK, some 33.8m people have had their first dose of the vaccine. Of these, over 13.2 million people, more than 25 per cent of the adult population, have now had their second vaccination.

“The vaccine rollout has been magnificent, thanks to the tireless efforts of NHS staff and volunteer vaccination teams. I am very pleased to have now had my second dose of the Covid19 vaccine while joining local volunteers at Ludlow Hospital.

“While one dose gives good protection, having both doses of the vaccine provides the best possible defence against Covid-19 infection. So I encourage south Shropshire residents to ensure they have their second dose once eligible, to protect themselves and our community against Covid.”