LUDLOW engineering business Flowfit is a manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic components.

Flowfit is currently one of the biggest distributors of hydraulic parts and systems in the UK and has a large customer base worldwide.

During the covid-19 pandemic, everyone at Flowfit followed Captain Tom’s story and were inspired by his fundraising for the NHS. Recently the company saw that The Captain Tom foundation was inviting everyone to take on a challenge around the number 100 anytime and anywhere over Captain Tom’s birthday weekend, last weekend, to honour him and his amazing achievements. Flowfit accepted the challenge.

“We are always looking at ways to give something back to the local community,” said chief executive Simon Parsonage.

“We have provided sponsorship for a number of teams and individuals in the area over the years and next year will be no exception with sponsorship already in place with Ludlow Rugby club and Ludlow Cricket club.

“As a company we are often thinking of things we can do to support charities in the area so when we heard about this challenge everyone here was happy to get involved”.

Flowfit challenged their employees to walk, run, cycle or swim 100 miles collectively, aiming to complete this by Captain Tom’s birthday weekend.

Taking inspiration from Captain Tom they are hoping to raise money for two Doctor surgeries that provide NHS services to the local community. Portcullis surgery and Station Drive surgery, both in Ludlow, have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and never fail to provide care to people in the area.

Flowfit’s employees were excited to take on this challenge and hope to inspire others to do the same, they ask for their efforts people will show their support and donate as they hope to raise as much money as possible for these two surgeries.

Donations can be made by going to the Flowfit website, and going to the ‘100 Challenge’ page.

Captain Tom, who died early this year, gave the nation a lift and raised more than £32million for the National Health Service last year by doing 100 lengths of his garden.

There was an army guard of honour when he completed his walk and he was later award a knighthood in recognition of his efforts.

Captain Tom Moore served in India and took part in the Burma campaign during the second world war.