TENBURY High Ormiston Academy, has won the Worcestershire High Sheriff Award for its services to the community during the extensive flooding that hit the town in February last year, which saw more than 130 properties evacuated.

At the time, the academy served as a rescue centre for local people who were being evacuated from their homes. The site manager and site assistant are both retained firefighters, and so were on alert to help when the flooding started. Meanwhile, staff that lived locally to the academy were called up to lend their support.

With residents of the town being rescued by boat and some arriving in their pyjamas, staff at the school jumped into action to offer the helping hand that was needed. The local authority delivered sleeping bags, blankets, airbeds and towels, as well as some essential food items, which were quickly distributed to those who needed them.

As the flooding worsened, local services had to re-strategize and alongside being a rescue centre, the academy also became the Bronze Command Centre, where heads of local emergency services based themselves in order to respond to calls for help.

Volunteers at Tenbury High set up kitchens to support the rescue workers, the emergency services and those who were sheltering. They also opened a family room for those arriving with their children.

The Worcestershire High Sheriff Award recognises the work that Tenbury High did during that period. The awards are given in recognition of great and valuable services to the community and serves as a testament to Tenbury High’s commitment to not only its students but to the wider community.

“At Tenbury High, we place the highest value on supporting our neighbours and being at the heart of the community, and our response to the flooding is a prime example of that.” said Vicki Dean, principal of the school.

“Over the past year, we have all pulled together more than ever before.”