A LUDLOW based national animal charity is gearing up for a week of campaigning to improve the prospects for endangered hedgehogs.

Hedgehog Awareness Week runs from May 2 -8 this year and it aims to raise the profile of the Britain’s only spiny mammal.

This year the Charity is asking people create their very own hedgehog haven! Gardens are a stronghold for hedgehogs, and we can make their lives so much easier with very little effort! Tips will be given out on the charity’s social media accounts during the week using #hedgehogweek with daily competitions to win hedgehoggy prizes.

Steps that can be taken to help the little creatures include creating a hedgehog highway by leaving a gap at the bottom of fences.

A log pile will provide shelter and natural food and it is even possible to build a hedgehog house, see www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk/hedgehog-homes.

Rubbish should be carefully checked before lighting any garden fires and gardeners need to be careful before mowing and using strimmer’s.

Nets can be hedgehog traps and should be kept well above ground level.

Composts can also be a risk if people are not careful with forks and spades. Drains and deep holes are potential hedgehog traps and should be covered.

Drowning is also a risk and so there should be an easy route out of ponds and pools.