POLICE in Tenbury had to deal with some false and malicious reporting of breaches in coronavirus regulations in the early part of the pandemic but the virus has slowed crime somewhat.

Overall the Covid-19 pandemic has meant a quiet time for police in the town.

In a report to the town council, PC John Hand said that it had been a remarkable last 12 months, unlike any other.

PC Hand told the town council that because of virus restrictions there had been much less problems than usual with excessive drinking and anti-social behaviour.

He reported that during the first lock down the curb on car use had meant that criminals were more vulnerable because they were more likely to be stopped by police.

This had resulted in less crime.

But the police say that with lockdown easing they expect to see an increase in problems such as anti-social behaviour.

PC Hand reported that most people had followed the coronavirus restrictions well and that where police were called upon in respect of alleged failure to follow the rules, it was often a result of malicious reporting or genuine misunderstanding of what was allowed.